KTM Australian Junior MotoX Titles

  • 30/09/2017 to 6/10/2017
  • 12/09/2017 19:59
  • 26/09/2017 23:59
  • Horsham MCC

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    The Horsham Motorcycle Club hereafter called the Promoter will conduct the promotion the 2017 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship for Junior competitors in the following categories: Junior 50cc Division 2 65cc solo, 85cc 2 stroke/150cc 4 stroke (Standard & Big Wheel Classes), 100-125cc 2 stroke, 128-150cc 2 stroke & 200-250cc 4 stroke, Girls 85cc 2 stroke/150cc 4 stroke all wheel, Girls 100-150 2 stroke & 200-250cc 4 stroke.

    The event shall take place at Dooen Recreation reserve, Henty Hwy Horsham from Saturday 30th September to Friday 6th October 2017.




    2.1 The abovementioned meeting has been authorized by Motorcycling Australia (MA) which has issued the Motorcycling Australia Permit Number MA 1906 and International Meeting Number TBA and is open to holders of current Motorcycling Australia Junior National Licenses and One Event National Licenses. License holders must be able to present an up to date Junior Logbook to be eligible to compete.


    2.2 Competitors with comparable licenses from another FMN who have obtained written clearance and provide verification of personal FIM insurance to a standard accepted by Motorcycling Australia are also eligible to compete.


    2.3 The meeting will be held in accordance with the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MOMS) and current General Competition Rules (GCR’S), these Supplementary Regulations, and any final instructions approved by Motorcycling Australia. By entering this meeting all parties agree to comply with these rules, regulations, by-laws and instructions.




    The following officials will be overseeing the meeting:

    Steward                                      TBA

    Clerk of Course                          Mark Hancock

    Assistant C of C                         Gerard Toohey

    Race Secretary                          Margaret Davenport

    Assistant Race Sec:                   Penny Anell

    Chief Scrutineer                        Michael Burns           

    Time Keeper                             TBA – level 4


    All other officials shall be noted in the Final Instructions.


    4. ENTRIES


    4.1 Entries open forthwith and close at 8pm, on the 9th of September.


    4.2 Entry is: https://www.cloudentries.com.au/Event/EventForm/3679


    4.3 If you are unable to enter using the online format please contact either of the event contacts listed on page one to arrange a suitable alternative.


    4.4 ONLINE PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL, Payments can be completed using Paypal, Visa, Credit, Debit or MasterCard’s are also accepted.




    5.1 Late entries will only be accepted via ONLINE ENTRY and will only be accepted at the discretion of the Promoter


    5.2 Late entries are not guaranteed to be listed in the event program.




    6.1 In the case of postponement or abandonment of the meeting, all or any part of the entry fee may be retained by the Promoter, if such retention is approved by Motorcycling Australia.


    6.2 The Race Secretaries will make all possible attempts to notify all entered competitors of cancellation via email; however the onus is placed on the competitor to remain up to date with the event information.


    6.3 Announcements will be posted via the following methods:

         The official 2017 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship website: www.horsham-mcc.com.au     

         Twenty17 Australian Junior MX - Facebook Page

         Motorcycling Australia website www.ma.org.au


    If in any doubt as to the cancellation of the event please do not hesitate to contact one or both of the event contacts.




    7.1 The return of entry fees for any rider withdrawing from the event is at the discretion of the Promoter, subject to approval by Motorcycling Australia.


    7.1.1 In the event of a rider/s not being able to attend the meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, a REFUND of entry fees may be issued if the following conditions are met:

  the event contacts are to be notified via email (kennethwatts02@dodo.com.au) up to 10 days before the event. The event contacts will acknowledge the notification via return email as soon as possible.

  Refunds requested within the 10 day period before the event MUST PROVIDE a medical certificate.

  Refunds authorized will only be issued via direct deposit into the rider’s account in which the original payment was made.

  Refunds requested after the event WILL NOT be considered.


    8. ENTRY FEE



    Championship Classes

    Entry, Medical, Flag Marshall & MA Levies


    Extra Classes of Competition

    Entry, Medical & FlagMarshallLevies

    @ $150.00

    Mylaps Transponder hire

    If needed, one per bike.

    @ $30.00

    8.2 At completion of ONLINE ENTRY the entrant shall be provided with a payment and entry confirmation via email from        Cloudentries.


    8.3 Final Instructions shall be forwarded to all competitors via their email address, which they shall provide when entering online. We ask to PLEASE MAKE SURE you provide accurate email address as to ensure receiving these instructions.


    8.4.    Final instructions will also be available via:

             The official 2017 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship website: www.horsham-mcc.com

             The Motorcycling Australia Website: www.ma.org.au





    9.1 Details of the National Personal Accident Scheme are available from www.ma.org.au  or the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport. This provides basic cover for death and permanent disability.

    9.2 Ambulance Insurance is compulsory for licensees.

    9.3 It is strongly recommended that competitors give consideration to taking out weekly benefits insurance.




    10.1 EMT (Event Medical Team) including a Doctor will be present for the duration of the event.


    10.2 A Medical Information section is included in your entry details on Cloudentries. The purpose behind this is to provide medical service personnel with sufficient information to treat competitors. We strongly urge you to fill this section in with your entry. All Medical Information is kept strictly private and confidential and are only made available to Medical Personnel in the event that they are required.




    12.1 GCR’S Self Scruitineering and Sign In will take place Saturday 30th September, A signed checklist that the protective clothing, equipment and machine has been self scruitineered and provided for the scruitineer. Forms must show engine and frame number. If the rider has a spare bike a separate form must be submitted for that bike also.

    The Chief scruitineer will be present at sign in to clarify any questions the rider has.


    11.2 All helmets must be brought up to Random Scrutineering of any Machine including the spare bike may take place any time prior to or after practice, qualifying or racing.


    11.3 GCRs Handlebar widths are overall width’s including the bar ends.


    11.4 GCRs Appendix 1 A & B Page 314. All Helmets will need to be checked and passed at sign on and ensure your helmet/s comply and must be fitted with an emergency helmet eject system.


    11.5 Machines which suffer accident damage in practice, qualifying or race sessions may be re-examined before participating again.


    11.6 In addition to supervising the pulling down and checking of machines after official protests have been received by the Clerk of Course in accordance with the GCRs, the Steward can order that any machine be measured and if this occurs the Scrutineer will supervise a team member to pull down any machine that has taken part in the event. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in this matter being referred to the Clerk of Course for further action.


    11.7 Machines will not be sealed for later checking after the event.  All machines that are to be pulled down and scruitineered will take place at the circuit before the machine is released by the Scrutineer. A member of the rider’s team must be available at all times to carry out the strip down under the control of the Scrutineer.  Failure to comply with this regulation will result in this matter being referred to the Clerk of Course for further action.


    Please feel free to contact the Chief Scruitineer for clarification on any Scrutineering issues.




    12.1 Juniors wishing to compete MUST have a suitably endorsed competition license and/or Junior Logbook showing coaching has been undertaken on that particular capacity or higher capacity of machine.


    12.2 The age of competitors will be their age as at 1 January 2017 unless a competitor is evoking GCR (b) A rider may move to the next higher age class when they become eligible by reason of celebrating a birthday, but once the rider moves to that higher age class in any competition, they may not move back to the lower age class.


    12.3 This rule will apply to all competitors up to and including 16 year olds.



    50cc Division Two

    7 to under 9 years

    7 minutes + 1 Lap

    65cc Solo

    7 to under 9 years

    7 minutes + 1 Lap

    65cc Solo

    9 to under 11 years

    7 minutes + 1 Lap

    65cc Solo

    11 to under 13 years

    7 minutes + 1 Lap

    85cc 2 stroke/150cc 4 stroke Standard Wheels

    9 to under 12 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    85cc 2 stroke/150cc 4 stroke Standard & Big Wheel All Wheels

    12 to under 14 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    85cc 2 stroke/150cc 4 stroke Standard & Big Wheel All Wheels

    14 to under 16 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    100 – 125cc  2 Stroke

    13 to under 15 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    100 – 125cc 2 Stroke

    15 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    128cc- 150cc 2-Stroke & 200cc to 250cc 4-Stroke

    13 to under 15 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    128cc -150cc 2-Stroke & 200cc to 250cc 4-Stroke

    15 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    Female 85cc 2-Stroke/150cc 4-Stroke Std/Big Wheel

    12 to under 16 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap

    Female 100-150cc 2 stroke & 200-250cc 4 Stroke

    13 to under 16 years

    10 minutes + 1 Lap


    12.5 Female competitors may cross enter in the comparable age/capacity classes.





    13.1 To constitute a class for the purpose of gaining Championship status, the number of the contestants entered and competing in each class will be as per GCR (a & c)


    13.2 Should there be insufficient entries in any class of competition, the decision to run or cancel the class, or to combine events and re-distribute any awards and/or prize money, will be at the discretion of the Promoter, subject to Motorcycling Australia approval.


    14. STARTS


    14.1 GCRs (a) 40 individual backward falling/ self-penalizing gates will be used.


    14.2 GCRs (a – d) All competitors will be called to the start line a minimum of two (2) minutes before each start. At the end of the 2 minutes, and when the starter is ready, a 15 second sign will be held up for a full 15 seconds. At the end of 15 seconds, a 5 second sign will be displayed. The gate will drop between 5 and 10 seconds after the 5 second sign is shown.


    14.3 GCR’S (c) Preparation on the start gate is to be confined to the area between the rollback barrier and gate hinge and no materials or tools may be brought onto the start area unless directed by the starter, on the instructions from a key official. (d) No work is to be done in front of the start gate.


    14.4 GCR’s Competitors may use up to 2 starting blocks (one per side) and must be able to start in an event without additional aid while sitting on the machine.




    15.1 The first lap of the first practice session will be under a waved yellow flag followed by three (3) practice laps per session for each class with each class having two sessions if time permits. If a single practice session is decided upon, this will then consist of five (5) lap’s duration.


    15.2 GCRs Classes where numbers are 40 or less, will be conducted over 5 finals cumulatively scored with points             allocated in each race.


    15.3 GCRs (a & b) Classes where numbers exceed 40 will be conducted over three (3) mixed heats and three (3) finals.

      a) Three (3) heats cumulatively scored, with points allocated in each heat as per GCRs.

      b) The top 40 AVAILABLE point scorers from the heats will transfer to three (3) finals. If any rider/s is unable to take their place in the first of the 3 finals, the starter shall wait 2 minutes after the last of the top point scorers takes their place on the start line. Then shall start calling in the next available rider to take the place/s following the results order from the heats till the grid is full. If riders are tied on points for the 40th position, the rider with the higher finishing position in the last heat will be awarded the position. If still tied, it will come down to the fastest overall race time for the last heat. 

    The top 40 available point scorers from the heats will transfer to the finals. ONLY Competitors in Final 1 are eligible to compete in the remaining finals. 

    c) Classes will be conducted over three (3) finals cumulatively scored, with points allocated in each race as per GCR’s.


    15.4 Race duration as per Section 12.4 of these Supplementary Regulations.


    15.5 Scoring as per GCRs


    15.6 GCR’S Electronic timing will be used at the event

    15.7 Qualifying – Grid positions. First grid position will be determined by the time from the 2nd practice session. Grid position from then on shall be on race finishing order. For classes where heats are required, the qualifying time will determine your grid selection for heat 1, eg; highest qualifier to Heat 1, 2nd highest to Heat 2 and so on, there-after, your fastest time from your heat will determine your grid draw for the next heat. At the completion of the heats, the highest point scorer will have first grid selection.




    16.1 Gates to the venue shall be open from Friday 29th September from 9am - 3pm to give access for those wanting to set up pit sites. Please note there will not be any security available until the Saturday.


    16.2 Scrutineering/sign in and further pit site set up will commence Saturday 30th September from 9am.


    16.3 Riders Briefing will commence Sunday 1st October at 8.30am. Please note it is compulsory for all competitors and a parent or legal guardian to attend Riders Briefing. A random attendance role may be utilized by the Clerk of Course to determine a competitor’s attendance.


    16.4 Practice will commence Sunday 1st October immediately after Riders Briefing.


    16.5 Practice will consist of three (3) laps per session for each class with each class having two sessions if time permits. If a single practice session is decided upon, this will consist of five (5) lap’s duration. This will be confirmed in the final instructions.


    16.6 Racing will commence Monday 2nd October at 9.00am.


    16.7 Saturday 7th October may be utilized to complete racing in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


    16.8 Gates shall be open from 6am Sunday 1st October through to Saturday 7th October. All vehicles must park in the allocated parking areas.


    16.9 At the completion of the race day the venue gates shall be open for a period of 3 hours at which time they will be closed and security personnel shall be placed at the venue.


    16.10 For the purposes of drug and alcohol testing, the commencement of the meeting will be deemed to be Saturday 30th September 9am with the completion of the meeting for the participant being when the participant has vacated the venue. 


    17. AWARDS


    17.1 All participants shall receive a participation award.


    17.2 All finalists shall receive an award.


    17.3 MA Medallions will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each Championship class along with a permanent memento of their achievement by the promoter.


    17.4 GCR’S Interstate Challenge. A Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the winning state with each member of the team receiving a participation memento.


    17.5 Oceania Challenge. A Trophy will be awarded to the winning Country with each member of the team receiving a participation memento.




    Presentation night will be held at the Lutheran Hall.  Starting at 7pm on the night of the last days racing.   




    19.1 All machines entered must comply with the current GCRs for motocross competition.


    19.2 All spare/reserve machines must be listed on the entry form and must have passed scruitineering.


    19.3 Multiple entry of the one machine in the same class of competition is not permitted.


    19.4 Change of machine may be permitted provided notification has been given to the Clerk of Course in writing form three (3) events prior to the machine entering the two (2) minute start zone. The substitute machine MUST have previously been through machine examination. The correct transponder must be fitted to the substitute machine.




    20.1 GCR’S (a & b) The first digit will be the first digit of the postcode of the competitor’s state of residency, with the exception of the Northern Territory which will be the 1 digit. Riding numbers will be allocated at the Promoters discretion.  Riders with registered numbers in their state, which commence with the appropriate postcode, will be given first preference for use of their number.


    20.2 List two to three alternative numbers on your entry and every effort shall be made to accommodate the preferences. Numbers shall be allocated on a first in entry basis. No guarantees are made by the promoter.


    20.3 All number plates on all machines MUST comply with the GCRs

    20.4 Back Numbers – GCRs No junior may compete without back numbers on their back in contrasting colours and with a minimum size of 125mm height and 20mm width of stroke.


    20.5 Number Plate colours as per GCRs


    20.6 New Zealand riders, competing in the Oceania Challenge, these will be your selected, allocated number IN WHITE on BLACK background to side plates and white number on the National Flag to front plate




    21.1 In the case of 40 nominations or less grid positions for the first final will be determined by practice-qualifying times. Subsequent finals shall be by race finishing order from previous final. 


    21.2 Heats will be decided as per qualifying times. The first final will be decided with the highest point scorer having the first pick and so on. Heats must be mixed – MoMS




    A riders’ briefing will be held prior to the commencement of racing. Details will be included in the final instructions including if a briefing shall be conducted on each day of competition.

    Please note it is compulsory for all competitors and a parent or legal guardian to attend Riders Briefing. A random attendance role may be utilized by the Clerk of Course to determine a competitor’s attendance.




    The track is 1700 meters in length of hard pack soils. It contains man made jumps and runs in an anticlockwise direction.




    All competitors will be given the opportunity to walk and inspect the track prior to any on track participation. Time allocated for this shall be 7.30am to 8am each day of competition unless otherwise advised in the Final Instructions. This inspection must be done on foot (enclosed footwear) and competitors are reminded that service vehicles may be in operation on the circuit at this time.




    Competitors who are not satisfied with any aspects of the track can present these concerns to the Clerk of Course. If those concerns cannot be resolved, the competitor will be invited to withdraw from the meeting.




    26.1 A full canteen service will be in operation for the entirety of the event.


    26.2 Toilet and shower facilities are onsite with showers & toilets available for both Male & Female.


    26.3 There will be NO CAMPING AVAILABLE AT THE VENUE. The Horsham Motorcycle Club has a camping option at the Wimmera Event Centre (WEC) site 37 Field days Rd Longernong.  Approximately 4 minutes from the track. Information can be obtained via the Horsham MCC web site. There are also several other options in Horsham and surrounding areas


    27. NOISE


    All machines must comply with GCRs for noise emissions. Noise testing may take place at any time at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer or the Clerk of Course. 

    28. TYRES


    There are no restrictions on tyres other than they be of motocross style.




    29.1 All competitors, parents, guardians and officials are advised that drug testing may take place in accordance with MA’s Anti-Doping Policy, as carried out by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.  Refer to MA Website for details.


    29.2 If any doubts exist over banned substances it is recommended competitors contact the Drugs in Sport Hotline, ph: 1800 020 506.  When drug testing takes place, the payment of prize money may be delayed at Motorcycling Australia’s discretion until the results of the tests are known. 




    All competitors, parents, guardians and officials are advised that random drug and alcohol testing may take place during the competition. Refer to GCRs for details on the Safety Policy – Drug and Alcohol testing.




    All competitors, officials and parents are reminded of MA’s Codes of Behaviour contained within MA’s Member Protection Regulations, found at www.ma.org.au or chapter 22 part B of the GCRs, which is a guide to appropriate behaviour at all motorcycle race meetings. These Codes of Behaviour apply to this meeting and will be enforced.



    32. IMAGES & VISION (Advertising & Endorsements)


    32.1 The Promoter reserves the right to use the images and names of any competitor, team or manufacturer in any present or future event merchandising, videos, TV commercials, posters and printed material as is sees fit.


    32.2 In the event of any incident, the Promoter has the right to request a copy of any relevant recorded footage.




    33.1 No person other than an official event sponsor, who has signed an agreement stating such, may retail any product or service within the venue bounds unless prior written approval has been granted by the Promoter.


    33.2 The penalty for undertaking the retail of a product or service without express permission will be eviction from the event. No exceptions.




    34.1 Mylaps transponders will be utilized at this event and are compulsory for all competitors. With one transponder per bike.


    34.2 Transponders must be fitted for all practice sessions.


    34.3 It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the transponder is mounted correctly and securely to prevent damage from fouling on other components of the machine.


    34.4 The onus is on the parent/guardian to ensure the correct transponder is on the correct machine prior to each event.


    34.5. All competitors hiring a transponder are required to provide their MA licence in exchange for a Mylaps transponder.


    34.6 Transponders must be returned to the designated person / area at the completion of the event.


    34.7 When a hired transponder is transferred to the competitor, it then becomes the competitor’s responsibility; if lost or damaged the competitor shall be responsible for its replacement.


    34.8 For hired transponders not returned at the end of the event the hirer is responsible for the transponder until it arrives back at the designated place. Autotech Dimboola Rd Horsham. Vic 3400. This includes in transit with Australia Post and by courier. No excuses will be accepted for non-delivery and it is recommended the transponder be hand delivered.


    34.9 It is the competitor’s responsibility as the hirer to ensure that transponders are returned in a good, clean condition at the end of the event, or if due to machine failure or injury before the machine leaves the venue. Competitors WILL be charged a Late Fee of $20.00 per day per transponder for transponders that are not returned when appropriate.


    34.10 Please note, a rider’s licence may not be returned until return of the transponder/s or payment of fine.


    35. BIKE WASH


    Bike wash facilities situated in the pit area offering 30 washing bays. Competitors are required to provide their own pressure washers and hoses. WASHING OF BIKES OUTSIDE OF THIS AREA IS NOT PERMITTED.




    Flag Marshalls will be supplied by the Promoter. 


    37. PIT SITES


    Any queeries please contact by email: kennethwatts02@dodo.com.au  or by mobile 0419313207.


    Riders not wishing to purchase a premium site will be allocated one site per entry at a size of 3 mtrs X 3 mtrs.



    Pit Sites

    Book Site Here





    FORMAT:  Each state is to choose a team of eight (8) junior competitors from a minimum of four (4) different classes to compete for the Interstate Cup Challenge. To be eligible each competitor must be entered for the 2017 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship prior to the closing date. Team members must be named and the Race Secretary be informed by the end of practice.


    SCORING: Each competitor will be scored as per GCR in his or her own classes. At the end of the 2017 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship, the highest point scoring six (6) members from each state will have their final placing rescored using GCR and the points added together to give an overall score. The state with the highest overall team score will be deemed the winners of the Interstate Cup Challenge.




    FORMAT: All New Zealand riders who enter the KTM 2017 Australian Junior Motocross Championship with entries closing 9th September will represent their country and MA will nominate riders in corresponding classes to represent Australia and compete against the New Zealand riders,


    SCORING: The points scored from each Countries nominated riders will have their final placing rescored using GCR and the points added together to give an overall result. The country with the highest overall team score will be deemed the winners of the Oceania Challenge.





    40.1 As per MOMS Chapter 7 - Officials at any time during the course of the event may impose Penalties.


    40.2 No dogs (with the exception of Assistance Dogs) are permitted at any time during the meeting.


    40.3 Body jewellery is to be removed or securely covered with tape prior to competition. Hair longer than shoulder length must be confined in the helmet or clothing.




    All riders must have a minimum 2kg, dry powder A:B (E) class, working fire extinguisher in their pit area




    All competitors, officials and parents are reminded of MA’s Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy, found at www.ma.org.au, which sets out a framework for acceptable online behavior where communications involve fellow MA members, volunteers, officials, coaches, sponsors, partners, staff and any other connected persons.

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